Today, Social CRM can help startups and businesses become even more successful by identifying new opportunities, getting online review and offering customer support at low cost,
Mike Junior.

About Mike Junior :
My strong management experience allows me to fully understand the challenges facing business leaders. This expertise and my experience allow me to help business leaders and their teams in their strategic decision-making.

About MikeJuniorCorp :
The corporation MikeJuniorCorp and its partners offer a complete range of services to help foreign companies expand in the area of Montréal, Canada. The region is one of North America's most innovative and competitive regions. It offers all the advantages of a North America business environnement with a multicultural flavor.

Mikejuniorcorp is also a private corporation that help innovative international business to develop their B2B channel of VAR (Value-Added Reseller).

Contact: mike@mikejuniorcorp.com